Hey there!

My name is Nicole, but others also call me Nikki. Often people ask, “Which one do you prefer?“ Well, I went by only Nikki until my late 20’s when I married my husband. It was then I became thankful that my mother also gave me the formal name of Nicole, otherwise you would only know me as Nikki Dickey. (Although, I feel that is a name that would be hard to forget.) 😉 So the answer to the question, I truly go by both. Call me Nikki or Nicole or even “hey girl” … I’ll turn around for all of them.

If I wanted to be fancy my bio would be something like:

Nicole has over 20 years of experience working in mega-churches in Indiana, Florida, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield, CA. She currently holds a double Masters in Theological Studies and Global Leadership with her undergrad in Business Marketing. She has also been certified through Gallop within StrengthsFinder. She currently resides in Bakersfield with her husband, John, a local physician, her teenage daughter, and two young sons.

But don’t let a fancy bio fool you into thinking that I have my life together. The real me: I’ve walked with Jesus for over 30 years and am still figuring out how to find my worth in Him, and not in my kids, husband, work, family, or even social media. I’m desperate for Jesus because most days I find myself on my knees feeling like I failed or didn’t do enough – begging God to fill in the gaps.

I have lived my life with a catalytic sense of urgency to fulfill the purpose God has on my life and bring as many people to know Him as possible. Sweet Sycamore is just one outlet to help fulfill that purpose.

Together, I’m hoping we can travel this journey of finding Jesus in the midst of the chaos around us.

Sending you all hugs!