Faith Over Fear: June Goal

Hello my friends! What a past couple of months we’ve had! I was shaken, to say the least. Many days I would start off strong, and within a short amount of time into the day I wanted to cocoon myself up and cry. I had always thought that when my world would be drastically shaken that my steadfast faith would be what would come out of me first – but instead, I saw a lot of fears pour out before the faith would peak through. What I know is that what comes out of me when I’m shaken is what is truly within me. It would be easy to put the past behind us and move forward as the world opens up and finds the new normal, but easy isn’t always beneficial.

For the month of June I’m choosing to focus on faith. Why faith? I have spent years focusing on a particular fear to rid myself of it and, for me, that never fully worked. But, I have found that by exercising the “faith” muscle and making it stronger in my life that the fear has no footing. Fear used to control me, and although I still have a long way to go (which is evident from this past season), my faith is what has pushed those fears towards the edge of extinction.

Here’s how this is going to play out:
-We will be doing a weekly, short Bible study. For 15-minutes I’m going to share what God is teaching me about faith. This study will be on YouTube with postings on Facebook /NicoleDickeyBlog .
-We will weekly be memorizing a scripture and will create some fun ways to get it into our heads.
-I will be putting out a weekly challenge for us to exercise our faith.

If you are like me and found fear coming out a little more than you would like it to over this past season, I invite you to join me this next month as we tackle the fears by focusing on the faith!

Sending you all giant air hugs!

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