Sweet Sycamore Introduction

I’ve been gone from this space for a little while and although space between posts looks like a void, in my personal life it’s a beautiful pause of raising little ones with so much growth of my own. As my youngest is now in school, God is constantly telling me, “Nikki, it’s time again!” I can’t teach obedience to my kids without acting it out in my own life, so with that said, I introduce … Sweet Sycamore Devotions! We will be digging into the Word with short, 5-minute devotions. I have a passion for pulling out overlooked passages of scripture, so we are going to start with Women of Genesis! I will post these devotions on SweetSycamore.com / NicoleDickey.com, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, so that everyone can find an avenue that works best for them. There are some amazing women buried within the pages of the scriptures that we can glean from, and I’m so looking forward to sharing this first study with you!

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