Worthy of Love

There are times we have done nothing wrong, yet handed a bad card in life, where love has left us empty. Our first inclination is to attribute God’s love to what we have experienced on this earth; however, although we use the same word, the definition is very different.

The scriptures tell us that God IS love. He does not just give love, but embodies the word. He is defined by love. He can’t do anything without it coming from love. To know Him is to experience His love! God = Love The theme of the entire scriptures can be wrapped up in love.

No matter your past, no matter your current circumstances, YOU are loved! When we allow His crazy-kind of love to soak into our soul, it heals the pains that the love of the world has caused. Although the scars may still exist, they no longer ache with pain. Like a sponge so full of water that it can’t help but drip out, we can be so filled with God’s love that giving this love to others is a natural occurrence.

But first, we must soak …

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